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Sakorn summer 2011
Ice II & Uzi
Echo deer hunting

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Breeding Purebred Thai Ridgebacks and Crossbreds, based in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.  We are the original importers, breeders of all Thai Ridgebacks and Crossbreds throughout New Zealand.  They are now making a name for themselves in the hunting world.

We pride ourselves with our core values in the upbringing of this very unique breed:  Ask us anything, we are honest and approachable and happy to answer your questions about our dogs.

By crossing some of our purebreds with our Kelpie bitch, our puppies get the best of both worlds - the appearance, agility and strength of a Thai Ridgeback combined with the intelligence of both breeds.

Thai Ridgebacks are in no way related to the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed.

This is the place to find a Purebred or one of our Crossbred Thai Ridgebacks for Pet, Hunting, Guard, Agility or Search and Rescue.

Feel free to CONTACT US for more information.

Contact Pets By Air to get a quote for an 8 week old puppy to Australia, for Canada and the USA, pups must be 12 weeks old.  If your country isn't listed here, ask them about shipping to you.  We don't know the cost to send pups, since we don't do the quotes.  All puppies must fly with a pet carrying company.  When you contact pets By Air let them know it's for a Thai Ridgeback puppy.


Michelle has been breeding dogs and horses for over 30yrs.

We are located close to Whakatane in the beautiful Bay of Plenty of New Zealand. You are welcome to visit and meet our dogs by appointment

Enquiries welcome, Contact us.

Based in Whakatane New Zealand

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Training your TRD Pup

Puppies start their training well before they leave us to go to their forever homes.  Our methods are simple and it works for us.

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Thai Ridgeback Puppies

I bred Codex to my Kelpie Bitch - Pups Born 4th June 2023

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Sendais Pups playing

Video of 3/4 TRD pups from Sendai's first litter 2012.

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