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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these dogs good with children / cats?

  • Like every breed when socialised early they have absolutely no problems with children, cats or stock.  Infact, we have had sheep, cattle and a cat ourselves.

When is the next litter expected?

  • Normally our bitches come on heat in spring, with the litter following 62-65 days later. Contact us for your pre order.  We breed 1/2 TRD - 3/4 TRD & Purebred TRD

Are these dogs good for first time owners?

  • These dogs are highly energetic and are best for experienced dog owners and need a lot of excercise, they love going out and about with you.  Do your research on this breed, they're not for everyone.

Do these dogs have any bad habits?

  • As with any breed, bad habits - such as barking, digging and aggression are a result of bordem.  When exercised, trained and socialised properly these dogs are lovely.

Would these dogs be good doing agility?

  • Yes, these dogs are very athletic and love to run, swim, jump, climb etc...  They thrive with these activities.

What else would these dogs be good at?

  • This breed is suitable in all sorts of enviroments.  Hunting - Agility - Search and Rescue - Drug detection - Guard - Pet

What are these dogs like for hunting?

  • They are great for deer and pig hunting since the TRD are natural hunters.  They would also suit hunting other game like birds, the Thai people used them to hunt many different game animals.  

Can you provide purebred Thai Ridgebacks?