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We are small time breeders who enjoy deer and pig hunting.  Prior to getting right into dog breeding I used to breed and break in the Wild Kaimanawa horses. I spent 20 odd years dealing with horses of all breeds, always having dogs coming out with me while riding but never breeding them. Then after many injuries and health problems I gave up horses and decided to breed dogs.


Our love of hunting meant naturally we would be breeding dogs that love to hunt but also make wonderful pets.  This is a long process to get the type of dog that suits not only pig hunting but calm enough for deer indicating.  Not only that they also suit guard duties, agility, drug detection, the list goes on because our dogs are very high energy and want to work no matter what the job is.

On the look for an ideal dog to refine our hunting breed, my partner and I learned about the Thai Ridgeback.

After 14 months of waiting, we finally managed to get our very own purebred stud (Sakorn XVII) imported into New Zealand from Thailand, via the USA and Australia.

We also managed to get another purebred stud (BlueStone Uzi) through our partner with a TRD bitch in Australia.



I strongly believe in cross breeding some of our dogs as it calms the strong minded temperament of the TRD, combines the qualities of the breeds we've selected and avoids common health problems many purebreds have.  Having said that we also breed purebred Thai Ridgebacks, retaining healthy and the best temperament of our purebred pups for future breeding 




Left - Sendai - One of our 1/2 Thai Ridgeback Crosses











Right - BlueStone Uzi - One of our purebred Thai Ridgebacks