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BlueStone Codex

Codex is a Purebred Thai Ridgeback
A Gunmetal Blue with the rare Saddle Ridge
Sire: BlueStone Uzi  -  Dam: BlueStone Vogue

I bred Codex to my Purebred Black Kelpie called Cheve - Pups born 10th Aug 2022
They will suit - Pig Hunting - Deer Indicator - Bird Indicator - Search & Rescue - Agility - and Pet/Guard Dog
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More About Codex

I don't get to go out hunting very often, but when I do, I hunt Codex with his half sister Inca.  Inca is one of my Kelpie x Thai Ridgebacks.
A lot of the time I hunt with my niece who has a full sister to Codex, called Luna.  I've also hunted with many other people.
Codex is great with everyone I go out with and their dogs, he just wants to get on with the hunt, whether the other dogs track away with him or not.
On occassion I've gone without Inca because she's been on heat.  Codex will go off on his own and find pigs by himself, he's good with a team of dogs or not.
At home he chills out with my old pig dogs, his mother Vogue, and Cheve.  They all hang out with me as I potter around doing jobs.
They love to be with me, no matter what the day brings, they're my best mates.

Pig Hunting Photos

Above - Boar 2022
Top Left: Inca - Top: Luna - Bottom: Codex

Above - Boar 2022
Left: Codex - Mid: Inca - Right: Luna

Above - Boar 2022 - Me with Codex & Inca

I'm still in the process of updating this page, more photos coming soon.