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BlueStone Uzi 9 months.. 1280x886

Even though we hunt our dogs we still take them out to do different things, pups are taken out and about after all their vaccinations are done.

Dogs need lots of mental and physical stimulation no matter what breed they are.  The more you can give this to your dog the less likely they take on behaviors such as digging, roaming, and constant barking etc.. which is from bordem.

An afternoon at the beach with all ages of our dogs

Dogs can't be bothered with bad habits at home if exercise is kept up, they love getting out to read the local news other dogs leave behind at beaches and parks etc...  Just like humans dogs that are exercised properly just want to crash out after they've run their energy off.

Tip:  Taking dogs out and about regularly keeps their social skills up, if their allowed to keep meeting new people and dogs (under supervision) they are less likely to turn feral, which happens very fast if socialization isn't kept up.

Tip:  Always let your dog or puppy blow off some steam before trying to do any sort of training.

We always let all our dogs of mixed ages play together, this is great for pups who need the guidence of their elders



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Posted by Michelle on 11 April 2012