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Recommended Food

Pups get fed jelly meat and or raw meat with puppy biscuits added to their diet from 4 weeks, fresh water is available at all times.

I feed my dogs a variety of raw meats which includes tripe twice a week for the good gut bacteria, organic wild game, chicken, and many other different types of meats plus offal now and then, Chunky Dog Roll, bones for good teeth and grain free biscuits.  Every day it's something different.

Echo's puppies at 4 weeks eating biscuits


Our dogs are always given dog bones from puppy onwards.  Bones are important for healthy teeth and great for when pups and our older dogs are put in kennels, it keeps them busy and it's a great tool for getting dogs to think of kennels as a happy place to be.  Less chance of dogs learning bad behavior like wining, barking and chewing kennels while locked up.  We also feed our food scraps and meat from deer and pigs that we hunt.

Tip:  Never feed from the hand unless training with treats.  We don't hand feed any of our food to our dogs while we're eating, if we do have scraps it's given in their dinner bowls at their dinner time.  This prevents dogs from standing by you or anyone else expecting to have food handed to them when humans are eating.  We have some of our dogs living inside and because we never give food from our hands we can eat in front of any of our dogs with them totally ignoring us and carrying on with doing their own thing.

I take my dogs to town with me grocery shopping.  All my groceries including they're dog food can sit in the vehical while I go into other shops, they never touch any of it because they don't know any different.  And that's because they only get food in they're dinner bowls.

Tip:  We never feed cooked small bones to our dogs because cooked bones can splinter and cause choking.  Always feed bones raw.  And to many bones can cause constipation.

Tip:  Good sized marrow bones from the butcher are best, dogs spend many hours chewing through to the marrow, keeping them entertained.

Tip:  Buy chew bones for eating in your home or car.  We use these when starting to take pups in cars, it keeps them busy and not thinking about chewing the interior if you have to get out for a few minutes.  In the house on a rainey day they also keep them busy, we tend not to give these out unless we need them to entertain from bordem, some people give pigs a ear each day, we save these treats for times you need them to leave house hold things alone and interiors of vehicles.  They are wonderful bordem breakers.


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Posted by Michelle on 10 April 2012