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Deer Hunting



Mika (Echo's mother) and Echo have been indicating deer for many years.  Their awesome at tracking and indicating deer and have a 100% success rate finding shot deer that we can't find.  Super sneeky and quiet which is needed on deer.

This May 2013 Mika will be 12yrs old and still hunts as good as she did at 2yrs.  They also find and bail pigs if their around.  

LEFT: Mika and son Cash with the Trophy Sambar Stag we now have hanging on our wall.  We lost it after it was shot, only finding two tiny spots of blood we thought it was the Trophy of a life time that got away. Mika and Cash found it two ridges and a swamp away from where we shot it.  We never would have found it without our dogs.

Douglas Score of 213 and 30x30 Antlers, scored by the NZDA.  Equal to a Red Stag Douglas Score of 322


These two videos show how Mika and Echo have been taught to indicate deer.  The top video shows them indicating deer, the bottom video shows how they stay in quiettly even when deer are in sight.


If you have one of our pups with your own success stories on deer let us know and we can put your stories here.